Berlin. People searching for themselves, each other, a person to belong to.
A city of millions, a handful of protagonists yearning for love.

David and Jane are trapped in a relationship that has died. She pursues a series of casual affairs while he has long since betrayed her. Mi-Nah fled the constraints of her Korean homeland but her initial euphoria was replaced by loneliness. Now she has a secret lover to escape these feelings. Leo fends for himself and no-one else. Max has returned to make amends to the son he once abandoned. But guilt and wounded pride don't sit well together on the couch. Meanwhile late at night his ex-wife Edda returns to taunt Max about his past.

What they all share is the lies they tell to hide or escape from the truth. Saying the opposite of what they mean. Not admitting if they want to be together. Always wanting what they cannot have. Torn between a wife, lover and conscience. Afraid of letting someone in.

The protagonists increasingly cross paths, one encounter influencing the next, weaving a web of lies that starts to unravel their lives. Until a seemingly chance meeting proves to be the catalyst that forces truth upon them all. About themselves. About each other. Truth that is bitter-sweet and inevitable. After all, you can't keep a lie a secret forever…

Weak Heart Drop is a portrayal of the human condition, observing and sharing the relationships and lives of characters dealing with modern dilemmas.


Format: DCP
Length: 82 mins
Languages: English, German & French
English Subtitles

Megan Gay • Ian Dickinson
Meral Perin • Stefan Lochau
Kotti Yun • Benno Lehmann
with André Symanski • Ronald Kukulies
and Tessa Mittelstaedt

Music by Jakob Ilja
Director of Photography Martin Parry
Executive Producer Hermann Rosing
Written & Directed by Alex Ross

A Martin Parry/Alex Ross Production
In Association with
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